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Mariska Hargitay

My hero is a woman, who is not only perfectly beautiful, flawless, stunning, amazingly talented, and gorgeous in my eyes, but she is one of the most kind-hearted and compassionate people I know. I admire her confidence in her own abilities and that she isn’t afraid to be herself. She inspires me to embrace my unique qualities and to reach for my wildest dreams. I love that she works hard to be successful and to make an impact in someone’s life. I appreciate all that she does to raise awareness, through the Joyful Heart Foundation, for sexual assault and domestic violence, and it means a lot that she is out there giving support to people that are victims of these violent crimes. Furthermore, I am obsessed with her television show, Law and Order Special Victims Unit. It is really such a great show because of her and her amazingly talented acting; I have no idea where the show would be without her. She is so passionate about her character and portrays her character’s feelings phenomenally well. When I watch it, which is every day, I feel everything that happens as if I was there watching first hand. However, besides her successful career and her Joyful Heart Foundation, she is also a wonderful loving mother of three, two of which are adopted, and an amazing wife to Peter Herrman. She inspires me with her ambition and courage, and whenever I feel depressed I think of her and see her smile, and suddenly it’s like the sun decided to come out from behind a storm cloud. She makes me happy, she makes me smile, and she inspires me to work hard and to reach my goals. Because of her beauty inside, it makes her flawless features seem even more flawless, if that is even possible. No words in the world can describe her beauty. So, by now if you haven’t figured it out, my hero is Mariska Hargitay. One of the very few strong, confident, successful, and beautiful women out there, not very often do you come across someone with all of these wonderful and intriguing personality traits.

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Mariska, Hargitay

THIS IS VERRY beatifull kaylee
Almagro, U.K

it is berry beautiful
juan, paris