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Justin Gerlach

Coach Gerlach (X-Country Coach)
Coach Gerlach is the best coach I have ever had. He doesn’t yell if you mess up , but he pushes you to your limit. He is the high school cross country coach. But not only is he a cross country coach, he is a spanish teacher for the High School students. As as coach, he is very calm unlike other coaches. He is laid back and lets us do what we want to a certain extent. He pushes us to our limit but he also understands our limits. All he wants for us is to be successful and he does a very good job helping us with that.
I have never had him as a teacher but I can imagine that he would be the same way. When I see him in the hallway he always greets me and asks how I am doing. He looks like he is happy to be here. He always has a smile on his face and is just an all around happy man. He jokes around with us when we are joking and almost encourages us to joke around with us.
He took to his cottage where he grew up for cross country practice. We ran around at mosquito hill nature center for a couple of hours running hills and through the trails. After that, we actually went to his cottage so we could hang out with the team. He cooked burgers while we swam and played football. It was a great team building event and an experience I will never forget. I thought it was cool of him to let us go to his cottage and let us stay there all day to build our team strength.
Everyday in practice, when I am hurting and just about ready to fall over and die, he pushes me and tells me “hey, the finish is down this path and around the corner, you're almost there, you can do it.” it gives me that extra motivation to push just a little bit harder and get to that finish line, To not fall over and die, and to just push all the way to the finish. Is there times that I disagree with him, yes, but in the long run, I respect him.
Overall Mr. Gerlach is just a great guy. He is a great role model in the community of Mishicot and especially for the Cross Country team.

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