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Moe Piscotty

When I was younger Moe was one of my closest friends. We would do everything together, from going mudding in his uncle's truck to bull riding at his ranch. Over the years we became further and further apart. He pursued his aspirations as a violinist while I got my self into trouble. One day, a few of my friends and I made some really dumb decisions and got ourselves into a lot of trouble, as a desperate cry for help I called Moe to bail me out of jail. Although Moe was busy raising his family he made the drive to the jail and got us out. Ever since then Moe has helped me turn my life around and now I am helping out at a local orphanage. If not for Moe I fear my life would be a complete wreck. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed Moe, thank you for changing my life.


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Very inspirational, I hope you and Muhammad may have a great Friendship going forward
Basil, Velasquez