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Jeff H.

I nominate my dad because he has been their for me since day one, even when I get angry with him he still loves me, I still love him when he's mad at me. When I fall down he picks me up, and when I cry he brightens me up. He is always in my heart and will be forever.He is my hero because he brightens my morning in all ways, and ends my day with loving care and affection.My father Jeff loves me so, and he tells me that everyday.I don't know what I would do with out him, all I know is that when I lose him It will not be a happy day, He tells me I should celebrate when he dies, because he has such a great family. My dad buys me gifts and spoils me rotten. My father does not want any gifts, and he never ask for anything. My father can put up with 4 children in a day, has a big heart and family.My father has grit, pride, love. It was not hard to pick a nominee. My days are happy because of my dad, thats one of the best reason why I want to come home at night, thats the reason I get home sick when i'm on trips with my grandparents.The list of reasons go on, forever and ever but you seen i can only have 500 word in this nomination there would be not enough space for all 500 reasons why I nominate my dad. I love you dad.

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