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Standing Up For His Faith

I was seventeen at the time and my grandma had just passed. It was one of the saddest things I've had to deal with. During the processional to the burial site, we had to drive through a well known gang area. My grandma purchased the plot next to her mother and father years before the neighborhood become a gang hangout. As we were driving down the street, we couldn't help but notice a group of "questionable characters" standing at the corner. It happened to be that we got stopped at a traffic light on this corner, and instinctively got a bit nervous. There were about five or six of them, and I will never forget this moment. As most of them looked at our new car, one stood from the bus bench he was on, and took off his hat. He made the sign of the cross as my grandmother's hearse turned the corner, and he didn't acknowledge his friends' laughter at the sight of it. Ever since then, I try not to make hasty judgments about people. In today's world, it's easy to label a person from where they are from, how they dress, or even by the company they keep; if you take the time to let a person show their true colors, it might surprise you in the end.

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