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Hammer And Nail

When our son was in junior high school, he was being bullied by one particular classmate. One day the boy actually pushed my son off a rock wall resulting in a broken arm. The school called a meeting with us and the offending boy. When we walked in, there was a policeman and the mother of the boy nervously pulled out her checkbook.

My husband asked the principal to excuse the officer as we did not intend on filing charges. He then turned to the mother and told her to put away her checkbook, we did not want her money. He asked instead for her permission to allow her son to stay at our home for the weekend so that the boy could assist in the building of a shed that my husband and my son were building at the time, the only condition was that my son got to choose who held the hammer and who held the nail. The mother agreed, the boy spent the weekend, and the two boys worked side by side, one holding the hammer and one holding the nail. Both a shed and a friendship were built that weekend.

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