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During Christmas my 17 year old daughter was in a local Target store buying gifts for friends. She noticed a small girl approximately 6 years old looking at the clothing display longingly and very intently. As it was the Christmas season she struck up a conversation, asking the girl what Santa was going to bring her. The girl answered 'I don't want Santa to bring me anything'. From a 6 year old this was a rather shocking comment. My daughter asked her why, surely she was not a bad girl.
"I just want him to bring Mama something nice. We don't have much money and she cries sometimes worrying about things" The candor of small children can be stunningly deep striking.
My daughter was struck by the idea of a small child willing to give up Christmas for her mother to have something nice. She gave the girl a $20, all she had on her at the time. Told her that Santa wanted her mom to have a nice Christmas also and even though it was not really right to take anything from strangers to give the money to her mom and tell her Santa said Merry Christmas. My daughter hung back, watched the girl give the money to her mom, then walked away before the woman could identify her and try to return the money.

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Credit from me to you for raising her so well

great moral more people should be involved in charity like this young girl.
mason, utah

Very nice story ............

This was so sweet to read I give credit to you for raising her so well you must be very proud of her.She seems very generous so heart warming to read!

Your daughter is so generous. My love to your daughter for having such kind heart. This is what humanity needs the most- compassion. - India