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Elderly Friend

While working in a major discount store someone reported a naked lady in the drapery dept. I went to that area and yes, a lady 75-80 yrs old standing there naked. I promptly grabbed a blanket and covered this lady and took her to my office. She was somewhat confused but did tell me her clothing and purse were hidden in the drapery dept. Other employees and I recovered her items and a female employee helped her get dressed. With no ID except a letter addressed to her at a local nursing home, I had to call the police and they helped her home. Four days later I went to the nursing home to visit her. I took her some chocolates but she did not know me. The person in charge of her floor said she only received 1 visitor a month, a son. I visited her weekly and we became friends but she passed away one year later. There is no agency to help make older people happy in their last few years. It is important for us to take time for those in need of a friend.

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