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Class And Grace Of A Mother

An older lady was at the check-out in the local discount convenience store- behind a young Mother with two children who had laid down all her dollar bills on the counter and was counting out change. She came up short, and asked the cashier to remove the gallon of milk from the sale. Holding the smaller child on her hip, she asked the older one to return the milk to the cooler. "What about breakfast?" he asked. "I know, honey- I'm sorry."
The older lady bent down to the ground and came back up with a five dollar bill and said "You must have dropped this". With disbelief, the young Mother thanked the older lady.

As she left the store the older lady remembered the times in her life when she had returned a gallon of milk for her Mother. The many times that her Mother had apologized to her for the things she couldn't give her. When she was older she often heard Mothers telling their kids they couldn't have something with the added of comment of blame on their Father, or even on the kids themselves. She remembered how her own Mother always had class and grace, always said "I know, honey- I'm sorry."

I am the older woman. I was surprised at how I handled the situation at the check-out. I wondered why I did, and I remembered my Mom. I hope I have learned to be as classy and graceful as she always has been. Thank you, Mom, for being a good example to me.

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This story reminds me so much of how my mom has been and will always be. Thank you for sharing your story.
Lisa, Owensboro

Teresa, it would be good to know you!
Laure, St Paul, MN

your story touched my heart thank you for sharing ;)
grace rico, burnt hills

This is a very good story.
Robert Torres, 9 South 41st

Wow that was really nice...I wish there were more people like that.
Jenny P., Denver Colorado