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The Good Samaritan

I am 61 years old and out of work. My wife, our adult son, our adult daughter and I have lived in a motel kitchenette for more than a year, because of a fight with our prior landlord. Things were fine, even after I lost my job, until my wife and daughter lost their jobs, too. Our son is working and has taken on the burden of being the family provider. We do have food stamps and that helps, but his income can't come close to handling the rent and the car payment. Anyway, one evening I had picked up my son at work and on the way home we ran out of gas. We had no money, for my son wouldn't get paid until the next day.
But we called a friend who came by and got my son and they left me with the car while they went to get gas for the car. While I was waiting, a young lady in her early 20's stopped to see if she could help. I told her about running out of gas, and that someone was coming with gas. She gave me $9.75, just because she wanted to help and saw that we were in need. Later, she came back and gave me some money she had placed in plastic zip-lock bags. I asked her why, and all she said was that she saw someone in need and wanted to help. After we got gas, and got home we counted the money, and it was over $300.00.

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