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300 Children... And Then Some!

Mom retired last year. She didn't want to, but nearing 80, they thought that it was time. Mom was raising 5 children of her own when she and my dad decided to become foster parents. What followed was amazing. I'm nearing 45 years old, and I was their first foster child. They adopted me, and went on to help over 300 other children take positive steps on their life-path. Some of those children are still in touch; others make Mom wonder how they did in life. Each child was Mom's own, and us kids never thought of them as anything but brothers and sisters. Some were sad cases; thrown against a wall because they wouldn't stop crying, brought in at 3 a.m. because the father was trying to sell the 3 year old boy from the back of his motorbike... some were great stories - a child knowingly put into care while the parents got their lives together, families just needing a helping hand while they fixed what was broken. Mom was there with a warm smile and a helping hand through all their stories. What a journey it has been for her! 6 of us plus 300 (+) more lives touched and made better. The world is a better place because of her. I'm grateful and proud.

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