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My Dream

i have had a really big dream of becoming a singer for a very long time. many people doubt i an do it because i dont have any connections. i am doing everything i can but that doesnt seem to be enough. i want to show people i can do it, and i will do it , i dont know how but i have faith that i will and that i am ment to be a singer . ,many people love to hear me sing and ask my go on xfactor but transportation and the cost stops us from me getting my dream. please help me
-14 year old girl with a dream.

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Danielle, Keep your faith. See yourself as a singer not just wanting it believe you are already a singer. Don't ask where the money will come from, just hold your faith with all you heart and if you do that door will open. Never mind what others say, this is your power of faith not theirs. Don't give up. I look forward to seeing you on X Factor next year. Read inspirational books that will keep you strong. Be honest and true to yourself and grateful for what you have and your dream will become a reality. The singers that are on X Factor now, once stood in your shoes. If they can do it, so can you. Best wishes Jacqueline
Jacqueline Williams, Shropshire