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I'm a flight attendant I was on a hotel shuttle when a friend of mine got on too. We chit chatted catching up. Once we arrived at the airport I realized I only had a twenty dollar bill. I asked my friend Stacy if she had an extra dolloar and I'd buy her a coffee. As we're running across the road Stacy says, "oh no. I think that's my name tag. I thing it fell off my bag yesterday. I checked in and while Stacy checked in ,I ran outside to see if I could find Stacy's tag... I ran over goth the tag, ran back. Got in, got through security. Decided to go for Jumba juice instead of coffee. I reach in my pocket... No $20... My jsacket, my bad... I'm like. "Oh well" So paid with my card. Still just kind of bumbed, but my Mom once taught us sometimes things happen for a reason, and maybe whoever got it needed it a whole lot better reason. We went to our gates to start Iour days... A few minutes after we'd started boarding. I see a guy half way up holding something in his had. As I got closer. I said, "That's not mine is it?" He reaches over, and says he saw me running across the street. Then he noticed I'd dropped something.... I was so overly impressed.. . There really are such wonderful people out there... He made my day... Pass it on!

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