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Let Nothing Stop You

I started writing poems when I was 9. It has and will forever be my dream to become a famous writer. When I was in my early 20's, someone had stolen over 20 poems from me even the one I wrote for my mom fiftieth birthday. I somewhat continued to write. But a couple of years later my house caught on fire and I had lost almost 40 poems then. At the time I had gone through a few life changing things. A few months before I lost my house I had given birth to my baby boy was born on April 29,2003. The day after my birthday. I lost him exactly two months later to Roto virus. Shortly after, my eldest was murdered and I had to prepare both funerals by myself. So when I lost my writings in the fire I gave up. In 2010 I lost my dad and grandpa. So I no longer had a passion to write after all I was going through. But Tyler Perry came out. He had been through a lot as well. But not once did he look back at his past. Instead he continued to look forward and kept Hope, Faith and believed that one day he will accomplish his goals. Thank God because he accomplished them with determination. He inspired me a great deal. I am now done with a short book based on my sister's life for which I am wanting to publish it by the right publisher and I am now writing poems like everyday. I love writing. Writing is who I am. Even though nobody has yet discovered my passion for writing, I will continue to write and search for someone to help me share my stories. Thank you God and Thank you Tyler Perry.

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Wow, what an interesting piece already. I like the chasing of the dream in there and the fact that real-life, what we go through adds a lot to our stories. So Michie, you can make it. Stay well. Regards EDWIN
edwin sengooba, uganda, mbale