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Weight Loss

Dear Friends,
I am about to tell you my story of losing weight while i was in my college. I was weighing about 120 Kgs and very plumpy. One day I decided to join a Gym hoping to get rid of some weight. The first month i worked hard and didn't lose even a single gram.

The fact that my efforts were of no use , I was totaly let down by this and was planning to quit gymming. But something inside me said that i had to completely commit myself to it with some will power and hope.

Here I am after 1 1/2 years of gymming i lost nearly 35 kgs. Which taught me how to commit at something and at the same time put in all effort and hard work.

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It is so inspirational story. Appreciate your determination & loyalty towards your efforts. Love yourself first.

Hello Mohit.. It is so inspirational. Myself to had this problem but I overcome with doing Yoga and the result is my confidence level has increased feeling all the positive. - Sayali Sathe