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Reading a psychology book, I came across a section about Obedience and Authority which quotes
"Adolf Eichmann's job was to engineer the death of 6 million Jews under Hitler. He was not a psychopath, but an obedient bureaucrat whose distance from the actual death camps allowed him to order atrocities in the name of some higher goal. Humans are not inherently cruel, but become so when cruelty is demanded by authority. When put in the right conditions people can do harm onto others without feeling bad about it... THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF MILITARY TRAINING. Soldiers are put into an environment seperate from normal society and it's moral niceties are instead to think in terms of 'the enemy'. They believe they have a duty to fight for the greater cause. Although the purpose is to provide the recruit with military skills, it's fundamental aim is to breakdown any residues of individuality and selfhood.
There is a gap between protesters and activists is the leap of disobedience of authority on ethical or moral grounds. That is the difference between the hero and an Eichmann" -Tom Butler-Bowdon ("50 Psychology Classics)
Americans are ignoring the fact that a redundant war is near which might just be a form of population control. I have been hearing a guiding voice: God, the universe or maybe even distant aliens who have my attention. It's been telling me to" awaken" as many people as possible in order to help prepare mankind for the dawning of a new, perhaps Spiritual era. Posting this rather "crazy" theory in public is my way of being obedient to an even Higher authority, I do so for the greater good.

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