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I am watching my dad mow the lawn and I decided to go help him out and I ended up mowing the lawn but, it was my own choice because I remember him telling me about how hard he worked to get to where he his now and to support us even if he is not rich.

I remember it just like it was yesterday because it was yesterday, my dad told me about his childhood life in mexico, he would take 5 hours to get to school walking bus to bus, he would also get good grades in school, but he would always come late to school no matter how early he woke up he wanted to be able to have a education but was not able to get one.My dad also had divorced parents so he lived under poverty.

Until one day my dad’s mom had the opportunity to go to California his mom took that chance, some time later my dad spend the rest his life in California; he soon finished high school but; his mom did not have to money to afford for college so he was not able to accomplish his goals in life he instead had to get money working at jobs he did not like but that is how he made living.

He soon met my mom while applying for a job and soon they fell in love, 4 or 3 years later my mom, gave birth to my brother and 1 year later me, 5 years later we moved to Utah so my dad could get better pay he found a good job and has enough to support my family, so now we are living a good life all because my dad, took the opportunity to go to California and start his life without any college degrees. .

I come back to reality and I finished mowing the lawn and sweeping the grass I put the things away and come back inside and see my dad taking care of my sister and I still think that he does way too much so I do not end up like so I can go to college and get education because he cares for me.

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Your can be told be each of us. we were share cropper in Virginia. I had 16teen sisters and brothers. love the story and love your character.
Teddy, South Carolina