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Childhood Inspiration

Years back, when I was studying for elementary course, we had a very elderly lady staying alone as a neighbor. She was totally helpless, though financially sound. Out of fear, she never appointed any paid support.

One day, I offered to help her out in all of her errands, purchases and general upkeep of her house, but on one condition: that she did not corrupt me with payment in cash or kind.

The happiness I saw in her face and the affection and care she bestowed on me still linger in my mind. Though I am almost her age now, I still volunteer to serve others in need; to bring a smile to their faces. The elderly lady I helped during my childhood forever inspired me.

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Great story, it's great to see others helping others who need it.
William S., Michigan, USA

Great story...it's a splendid thought of doing things in order to bring a smile to the faces of others. Keep going!
Kirthishri M.V., Bangalore, India