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Irish Country Boy Born In Ireland Became Security For The President Of United States

"A family friend told me at the age of 19 years old in Ireland, I could be anything I wanted to be in America" ... "So I did" .. At the age of 20 years old I left Ireland with a "Green Card" Visa to America with no job in place. A month later after my arrival I joined the US Army and Graduated from Aviation School at Fort Eutis, VA. I was assigned to Germany. After a year in 1966 I volunteered for Viet Nam. I returned to America for deployment and my US Army Orders were changed and I was assigned to Fort Benning, GA. I became Aide to the Commander at Fort Benning holding many job discriptions. Over Security of Lawson Airfield. Backup to Majors and Generals during flight hours to maintain their flight status. Over sight of Charter aircraft arrivals and departures on Base. I worked with John Wayne in the making of "The Green Berets" movie starring John Wayne. I was involved in Top Secret locations on Base and on the east coast. My Commander assigned me to Security for Ait Force 1 (tail # 26000) Involved in Top Secret missions with President Johnson. I had more authority than the US Secret Service. I received "The White House Life Time Achievement" Award in 2014. I received a letters (via US Mail) from President Obama and Secretary of Defense Aston Carter with approval to go public and to write my Biography. I received an "Archieve Number" from the Library of Congress. Since my US Army tenure I worked in Motion Pictures behind the camera in Hollywood, CA. Now semi-retired in California. "Just an Irish country boy who became Security for the President of United States" ...

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The american dream is too often unachieved, but your story moved me to realize my own dreams, my own goals.

Thank you for choosing to be an American. We are better for your dedicated and loyal service to our country. Most Americans take their quality of life for granted; many are angry at government. We all are fortunate to be here. Thanks again for choosing us.
Joe, Washington, DC