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A Rainy Day

Let me tell one real story that happened a year ago . **I was driving in heavy rain ,it was so heavy that I got totally blind like ,so I stopped at a gas station . From parking lot to office of that station I walked on foot as rain and thunder scared me not to stay in the car .**
when rain did not stop for two hours I told the owner to leave me home and take money . He was nobody to me but he closed his station ,dropped me home in that heavy rain and did not take any money . I was scared but he did not ask any question.. I was telling him that my husband was at work and he does not attend calls from home during work but this guy took the risk to drop me at my house .. Next day I took my car from his shop ,gave him 20 dollars . He could not say no as I hugged him with heartful of gratitude and thanks . .Angles do not live in heaven ,they are here , right there around us .Have faith in humans ,they are angles too !

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esabella, america

really good awsome

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Shows real meaning in life

Trust is given in vulnerability .The issues you have control of, just trust anyone anyway to take care.
Mbartu, Liberia

I you talking about "angels" or " angles"? Well,that is TRUE of confidence! We need to trust as they will trust us also.
Mbartu, Liberia