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My whole life i have been bullied. i don't really remember a time when i haven't been bullied. the world is filled with them so you can't seem to get away from them no matter how hard you try. but i have learned that you must not believe what they say and believe what YOU have to say. bullies are just a waste of time to listen to. all they are trying to do is put you down and put them up. but that is not what is really happening. it just makes you want to prove to them that they are wrong and eventually you do. because when you walk away from them it's not them that's winning it's you.

I am 14 years old and that is what i have to say to all of those who are getting bullied out there.

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Very impressive short story.. nice

this is it.... more of this please.
julius, nigeria

I feel you woman

i too haven;t been bullied a lot; i have a best friend who would stick up for me. But my younger sister who is 14 constantly gets bullied and even said while she was sobbing one day that she wants to leave home because of it. i think bullies are horrible and aren't making themselves any happier doing what they're doing.

Thank you. I have never been bullied personally, but my friends have and I think that is a very powerful story and message that you have put out. So thank you.
Ava, WI