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Holding Doors Can Sometimes Mean More Than You Think

I was on my way to morning basketball workouts with a few of my teammates after meeting up earlier to play some 3-on-3. We were cutting it close on time and our coach is very into punctuality'meaning we would be punished severely if we were late. As we rushed to the double doors leading to the University Center, I saw an elderly woman, walking very, very slowly, but almost to the doors.

She was walking so slow I figured she would need some help opening the door, so I held it open for her. There was a second pair of double doors and one of my teammates held that one open for her. She thanked us very sweetly and then we rushed up the stairs and tried to get up to the gym in time.

Needless to say we were 2 minutes late and it was one of the worst days of running we've ever had. Our coach never knew. The rest of our team wasn't upset with us for holding the door and wasting extra time, they didn't complain or blame us for anything. They knew what we had done and agreed that it was the right thing to do. It helped us to help others and become even closer as a team.

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Inspiring. I always seem to hold doors for everyone.
Jay A., Canada