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Bad Day

I was so close to tears. I could feel them just behind my eyelids threatening to spill out any second. I could feel my face crumpling into a little ball, my lip quivering...I needed a friend. I was surrounded by friends, but something was missing. And then I realized. I was having the worst day of my entire life, and NO ONE cared.
I recently gained the status of "class clown", always the one they look toward for a laugh, and usually I'm happy to comply. But then I realized that due to my new position, nobody took me seriously any longer. Somehow everybody had forgotten that the class clown, no matter how silly, has feelings too.

So I walked alone, apart from my group, and cradled my tears, not allowing myself to cry, when I felt a presence beside me. I looked up and there was a stranger, a boy I'd never met.

"Are you okay?" he asked, and my tears began to fall.

"Thanks," I said, smiling despite my tears.

"For what?" he asked.

"I needed that." I answered.

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This is a true friend, it is so sweet.
Sami Y, McMinnville

"Some people come in and out of your life but only true friends leave footprints in your heart." Some people forget that everyone has feelings and that everyone needs someone sometime. Your story makes me think of my best friend C.J., he is always there for me and sometimes that is all you need is to feel that someone is there for you. I'm so thankful for my best friend!
Jennifer S., Pheonix, Arizona

Wow, I was so touch and moved by this story. There are many people out there that are so caught up in themselves that they don't even bother to acknowledge someone else's feelings. I have had many bad days in my life so I understand those feelings.
Minnie V., Irvine, California USA

Amazing. Plain & simple.
Mariagnee M., California, USA

This story is really touching.
Isiaku G., Nigeria

It is very amazing and touching. We should all care for others no matter who they are.
Reem H., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

What an awesome way of putting down feelings. You are splendid. I wonder how could you put your feelings in short but beautiful words. Thank you.
Kirthishri M., Bangalore, India

Very touching. I love it.
Fiona J., Thailand

Enrico, Jakarta, Indonesia

That was a good story!
Abegail C, Philippines

Oh my goodness that makes me think about the class clown at my school and I never thought of it like that!

This is a very inspiring story. Deeper reflection on it reveals that there is someone who understands us better than ourselves. Not even our parents or best friends would match this person...All the best
William B., lusaka, Zambia

short story but very inspiring!
Irish Joy A., Batangas, Philippines

That was sweet.Really sweet!
Jay S., India

Thank for the story it was very touching.
Brittany C., New York, USA

This story isso inspiring...I was so touched.
Mommy Rae, Philippines

WOW, how beautiful is that! Your stranger sounds very much like an angel that appeared out of no where.
Wendy V., Durban, South Africa

The one thing that I found that people need is to be heard. Listening is a good way to realize that someone cares for us. Henceforth we don't have to worry for we have a true friend that will love and care for us and never forsake us.
Chris A., Philippines

I was bought to tears with your story. I too was the clown that everyone loved but did not understand. I have been lucky in life with wonderful friends and family.
Fonda A., Karratha, Australia

Your story made me cry.
Meya I., USA