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Golden Rule

Three years ago I was invited to join a group of individuals that were of diverse faiths. These wonderful people each have different beliefs and worship individually according to their faiths traditions. One thing that they all share is their faith's version of the Golden Rule. This is the one thing that each faith group has in common. From this one strong principle we have been able to build bridges of understanding, respect, support and kindness, to treat others the way we would like to be treated; and to treat others the way we would like them to treat our children or our parents.

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nice story so touching and beautiful they should be happy of this story
vivin.vb, india AP

I enjoy the wisdom of all you entries!
William, Charlotte NC

These stories are very fantastic and amazing.
Guru Raghavendra, INDIA,ap

We first need to love and respect ourselves...then we can love and respect others.
Jim M., Wyoming

We come from different countries with different beliefs, traditions and cultures but this is the thing that makes the world so wonderful. We should embrace our differences, learn how to be tolerant towards one another and respect each other.
Yasmine A., Dubai, UAE

I think you are right, people should respect each other.
Bob M., New York

So touching--I love this story.
Michael M, OR

This certainly underlies the human values we should all live by. Tolerance and respect for diverse views certainly makes the world a better place to live in.
Norman, Nairobi, Kenya

If only we could all do better and live by that Golden Rule!
Harriet B., Duluth, Minnesota USA

Tolerance is such an important value. Through tolerance we can learn to love one another, and see the spark that lives within us all.
Katie S., Westchester, New York USA

This just proves how everyone does have something in common, and being kind should be like breathing-first nature.
Kirby, California, USA

This is great how they are all from different faith groups and they don't have problems
Cory G., River Falls, Wisconsin USA

I am very happy to read this site. I got some ideas to live my life. And how to behave with others that can make good and long relationship with people.
K. Nirali, Baroda, India

When we all learn to respect and appreciate each other for our likenesses as well as differences, I suspect wars will become obsolete.
Dave H., Columbus , Montana USA

I agree that the concept of treating others as you would be treated is a marvelous idea, and should be implemented whenever possible. I also agree that healthy relationships between people must have a foundation of respect.
Matt B., Canada

A definite requirement, mutual respect, equality! We should regard not only our own virtues and qualities but also those of others! There are steps people as individuals can start to implement in their lives to make the difference and it begins with a decsion and seeing that decision through thick thin!
Timothy P., Rome, Italy

As I therapist in training, working with teenagers I believe before I can even begin to help them. They have to know that I respect them. Respect is a powerful concepts. Treating others the way you want to be treated is a daily ritual of mine.
TINA M, Atlanta, USA

Definitely right, we should show respect to others. But you can only show it if you know first how to respect yourself.
Mylne, C., Cagayan de Oro City

golden rule is truly a guide for an individual and for this world to become a better place to live.
R Maranan, Laguna, Philippines

If everyone of us knows how to apply this golden rule in our lives "treat others the way we would like to be treated" then for sure everybody will have a happy and peaceful life on this earth.
Shelly G, Philippines