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The Gift Of Life

As a child I knew my brother was sick. But, until recently I never understood the impact his illness would have on his life, as well as mine. In the past year, at the young age of 33, my brother's kidneys began to fail as a result of Juvenile diabetes.

When I realized his health was declining, I chose to give him the gift of life. Without hesitation I volunteered to donate a kidney to my brother. After months of testing I was a perfect match. The day of the surgery would be the day that changed both of our lives forever. We are now bonded in a unique way forever. All I wanted from this experience was to see my brother live a healthier and longer life. Instead, this life changing experience has made me look at life and family in a different way. I am so grateful that I was able to help make a difference in someone's life, especially my brother's.

Being an organ donor (living or deceased) is a wonderful experience for both parties involved and their families. It is a great to know everyday that you helped make someone's life better.

All it takes is selflessness, courage, and love.

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That was an amazing thing you can ever do to your brother I'm happy for you!
Christopher B., Miami, Fl

That is a wonderful thing you did for your bro!

I am happy that selfless love still exist in this world. Well done.
Dheeraj, Delhi

Bless both of you. You are a compassionate person. It takes a lot of courage to do what you did to help a loved one close to you. Just remember good things happen to good people when you least expect it. Your the best!
Minnie V., Irvine, California USA

I wish to have the kind courage you have.
Dan, Manila

This is really "Love" in its true essence. Meetng the true needs of someone else. Hats off to you. It is better to give than to receive.
Clearisa L., Saint Lucia

Hats off to your selfless heart...great courage! May good happen to you always.
Kirthi V., Bangalore, India

Hi there glad you could belp your brother. I've just lost my daughter and I am absolutely devastated, glad someone had a happy ending. All the best for you both for the future.
Joan S., United Kingdom

Hey! I salute you for being so loving to your brother. I hope that you may live both your lives to the fullest and I wish you a good health and a prosperous life. Love makes all things possible. I do believe that the greatest love is the one towards a family. If I may be in that situation, no hesitations, I would be more than willing to be an instrument in lengthening my loved one's life.
Aileen C., Philippines

The writer is both a blessing to the family and is truly blessed to have got an opportunity to show such selfless love. In my case, my mom passed away too quickly before we could even decide on the next steps. If life were to throw up an opportunity, I would say grab it to help others. I love your website - this is what life is all about.
Mel. D, India

You dear writer truly understand the meaning of family. You are a truly inspirational person.
carly s, alabama

This story really touched me deep down!! What a wonderful sister and great love. May all brothers and sisters be like you dear. While I wish best health to the brother, I wish to tell this unique sister you are a most precious jewel. Well done!
Michelle C, Malta

yes, that's the word...LOVE! how much it can do...I am happy you were brave enough to make the decision and give your brother the chance to live. Bless u now and always!
Chinwe O, Hungary

Dear Writer, I also donated my kidney to my beautiful sister who is 25 years of age. This act of love has certainly changed our lives. Just to see my sister healthy, without pain and alive is a blessing. My handsome nephew (17 years) passed away 6 months ago, and his organs were donated. We miss him dearly, but take comfort in the fact he made his mark in this world at this tender age by helping two people to have longer life. Bless you & your brother.
Vimi G, South Africa

I've been in a similar situation to help my father, but he died seven months later.
seth, Ghana, knust-kumasi

hello dear writer! i hope that you are fine.i have read your story.it really shows all you wanted to say.you are a very good person.may God shower his blessings no you and your brother.take care and bye!
junaid bin masood, rawalpindi