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A Cheerful Giver

My daughter Hanna was born with Down syndrome. Each day I am lucky enough to learn something new about myself and the true meaning of Love.

She is in elementary school where she is mainstreamed with resource. She has a lot of friends. We had a fall festival two years ago at our school to raise money for the PTO. One of the games was a stuffed animal walk. When you landed on the number they called out you could pick out one large stuffed animal or two small stuffed animals. She was with three other little girls. The music started to play and each little girl was hoping to win. When the numbers where called both Hanna and one of the little girls won and each of them chose two small stuffed animals. Well, two of the girls hadn't won anything. Hanna looked at the other little girl who also won as she gave one of her animals away. The other girl hugged her animal tight and said I love these. Hanna then gave her other animal to the other little girl who hadn't won either. Leaving her with none- all on her own! I just looked at her with pride, telling Hanna how proud I was of her. The other little girl saw how giving Hanna was and gave up one of hers to Hanna with great hesitation. Hanna gave her a big hug saying Thank You while teaching each little girl the true meaning of a cheerful giver.

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awesome story
karina khan, india

I like this story veryyyyyyyyyy muchhhhjjjj
hafsa sayeed, delhi


Fabulous! It's a lovely story!
kavya maran, madurai

Awww....I love my sweet cousin. She is really someone to look up to.