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Beach Walker

My mother was a model in the 70s. She had a model friend, Remy, who loved the good life. This woman dated much and partied as often as she could. Unfortunately, she met up with a man who was not what he claimed to be. She was diagnosed with HIV and later succumbed to AIDS in the mid-80s.

This is not a sad story, though. In the last few years of her life, Remy met a dashing Italian man. They spent the remaining years enjoying everything the world had to offer in the form of food, travel, family and friends. Remy's most favorite thing to do was go to the beach and take long walks. In the last year, she was no longer able to stand, she was so sick from chemotherapy. Tony would not allow her favorite pastime to disappear, however. He began to carry her along the beach once a week. We referred to him as the "Beach Walker." Her life was blessed because of him.

Throughout my own life, I often looked for a "beach walker." I was fortunate enough to find one many years later, but more importantly, I, myself, learned to become one. So to all the beach walkers out there, keep carrying the love and wear lots of sunscreen!

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The love and compassion that one person can feel for another is so overwhelming. I'm so touched by this expression of kindness given to a person so that their life to the last days could be joyous.
Sara B., New York