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Living With It

Some people would walk away if they found out that their spouse had a disease that will take over his life and that he will eventually die from it. I won't walk away.

My husband and I have been together for over 16 yrs. When he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2005 we had no clue what it meant for us. Now with the knowledge that we cannot afford treatment and even if we could it's likely it won't work for him, we take everyday as a gift. We stay together to shore each other up. We stay together to raise our two young children. We stay together because that's what we promised to do. We stay together because we truly love each other, no matter what.

Togetherness. No matter what. It's the right thing to do. Pass it on.

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Life isn't supposed to be easy- It's the challenging times that we face that build our character, strengthen our bonds to the people who are important and most importantly, allow us to grow. In marriage those same rules apply. While often being married isn't easy, if you can stick it out through the really hard times, you find that it can be really really worth it.
Sara B., New York

I'm proud of you for being there for him, and keeping your promise to love him until death. You're story is very inspirational, and I hope people learn from it.
James H., Arizona

Your love for each other is really what matters. In fact you must be proud of the fact that you two have stood together through this difficult phase in your lives. May your days be blessed with joy and happiness.
Muhammad, Masood H., Islamabad, Pakistan

Exactly! For better or worse; till death do we part. I applaud you in this day and age where divorce is the easy way out. My husband and I have had some very rough times, but they have enriched our marriage by over coming adversity. We celebrated our 40th anniversary last October.
Sandi O., Pennsylvania

It is true, togetherness is important in our daily life especially those they are married because the stigma can be far away from us and real love goes with togetherness. I like this family, they loved each other indeed. Let them be our example. In every situation we are going through we can benefit if we know who we are.
Flora S., LILONGWE, Malawi