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Honesty is to be truthful and sincere.



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  • “My responsibility to myself, my neighbors, my family and the human family is to try to tell the truth.”

    —Toni Cade Bambara Writer

  • “In the final analysis, there is no other solution to a man's problems but the day's honest work, the day's honest decisions, the day's generous utterance, and the day's good deed.”

    —Claire Booth Luce Playwright, Editor, Social Activist

  • “Dare to be honest and fear no labor.”

    —Robert Burns Poet

  • “Honor lies in honest toil.”

    —Grover Cleveland 22nd U.S. President, 24th U.S. President

  • “It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”

    —Noel Coward Playwright, Composer, Actor

Stories About Honesty

Being Honest No Matter How Small Or Big The Amount Is

Submitted by Angel Pauline Ragual

It was summer of 2014 when my mom enrolled me to special summer class on math, reading and language in preparation for me...

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Submitted by Lisa Haas

As I was leaving my doctor's office after an appointment, I somehow dropped a check from my purse in the parking lot without...

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Submitted by ALFRED JOHN

Submitted by: Alfred John

One morning, during summer vacation I was biking around our Village, I noticed a man...

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Everyday Hero Stories

Michael S

Please bear with me, I'm not very good on the keyboard. My two sons and I went through a situation in 2006 that changed our...

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Mitchi Q

Mitchi and I became AWESOME FRIENDS back in June, but we had met when he first posted on a forum/avatar-based website, a...

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Michael Greger

This man works harder than any one I have ever seen to research, read and distribute the information we all need to rise...

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i enjoy watching those vidoes make some more!
bob, california

The honest will embrace constructive criticism whereas the dishonest will be offended and go to great lengths to discredit the source. They will in fact expend more time and energy discrediting their critics than addressing the problem.
Dennis Dinzeo, Las Vegas NV

this is very truthful
zion gabourel, caye caulker

I would add that there are two types of people in the world; not good and evil as you might imagine, but rather those that love truth.......and those that do not. Both are capable of good and evil but those that love truth prevail because they build their estates upon rock rather than sand.
Dennis Dinzeo, Las Vegas, Nevada

邓新华, 中国 

Love of Truth is the prime value from which all the others issue. Commit to truth and all good things will follow.
Dennis D'Inzeo, Las Vegas, Nevada

You need to post the honesty commercial on here. The one with the boy that returns the lady's purse then the cop thanks him.
teia, niagara falls

I think your words are really inspiring...I do understand honesty is being true to yourself. thank you!!!
Mandela Nelly, Gaborone

Be honest even if it costs too much for you.

I pledge to not lie.
Lexis Acklund, Somewhere

Honesty is very important when it comes to friends and family otherwise your just with a complete stranger if they dont tell you the truth.
Kirko, Bartlesville High School

I am honest man. I don't believe in being lying person. True life is my best life. Therefore honesty is the best policy. Truthful people will be win forever.
Ashok haldar, Vill+po-benia gram. Ps-farakka .w.b, india.

People can trust you if they know you're Honest.
Corneilia M, Fermont,CA

Honesty is important through a friendship.
Haidi, Denver,Colorodo

If your honest people love, respect, care and believe in you ,if you honest you are the real deal.
Rafika kanafe, Pretoria

Honesty Is telling the man you are UNSURE of the relationship, BEFORE he gives you his world.
Daniel E., California

Honesty is nothing but true wisdom.Honesty refers to facet of moral character and denotes positive,virtous attributes such as truthfulness,straightfowardness along with absence of lying.
Samreen, India,Vasai

juan, los angeles

I believe my word is true. I have always been taught honesty is the best policy.
Ruthanne L, Smithers, B.C. Canada

I take pride in knowing that "my word" has value because of my honesty.
Amber Esparza, San Diego, CA