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Who Is Your Hero?

We've all had people in our lives who have made a positive impact on our lives. A grandparent or parent, an uncle or aunt or maybe even a guy who shines shoes for a living? Whoever they are, tell us their story so they can inspire us even more.

Tell Us About Your Hero

Nick Cartman

He's an amazing partner and father, for which I'm grateful. He is, however, an even greater coach. He has volunteering coached for 4 consecutive years at our local YMCA. He dedicates his time for our little players and does his best to help them succeed. Every Saturday he spends 5 hours coaching just for the love...

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My dad is my hero. He is always there to talk about things I don't feel comfortable about with anybody else. He always there to support me in any way. Even though he can be mean some times he still is my dad and I love so much. If it was not for him I would be nothing. I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Belen Rambana

Belén Rambana is a dedicated Brownie who wanted to work on the Girl Scout “Helping Hands” patch and do something good for others. When she learned that students in Jamaica were in need of some of the same school supplies and personal hygiene items that are inexpensive, Belén knew what she wanted to...

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Diane Sloop

My heroes name is Diane Sloop, but we like to call her Mimi. Mimi is not your everyday person and that’s why she is my hero. Mimi is a kind hearted person that is always there to help people in need. There have been times when I needed help with a project or needed to get something for school and Mimi would be...

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Symphony Pierce

You might be thinking “who the heck is ‘Symphony Pierce’?”, well, I’ll tell you. Symphony Pierce is my really good friend who is amazing. Now, what’s so special about her? Well, she means a lot to me. So, flashback 1 year ago, I didn’t have a lot of good friends and I was always confused or upset, but I was...

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Reading Books

A hero is usually associated with a person who does something extraordinary and good; it's someone who inspires people to move forward or helps them do better. My hero is not a person. My hero cannot speak, but the words that it tells me save me day after day. My hero cannot move, yet it takes me to far places....

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Brenda Geiger

Brenda has been and will always be there for her community, friends, and family. Karen and Brenda met on Halloween night at Casa Bonita over 30 years ago. They were both each other’s Maid of Honor and God Mother to the others children. Life had them taken them on different paths, different careers, and most of...

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Taylor Ciotta

Taylor Ciotta. She is the greatest. She will be there beside you for everything. If your having a bad day she will do everything she can to make it better. She’s trust worthy, honest, beautiful inside and out and caring. She will be there until you do something terrible to her or her friends. She lights up the...

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Cagney Coomer

Cagney Coomer Felton is an extraordinary individual from Lexington, KY. Despite her odds of a childhood, she has risen above and beyond the line of accomplishments. Not only is she in her second year of her PhD in molecular biology at the University of Kentucky. She also started a non- profit organization called...

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Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is one of the strongest girls I know to compete Gymnastics. She was just 15 years old when she competed in the Olympic trails. She went to the Olympics in 2008 and competed all four events with Nastia Luiken. She won gold for floor and beam. She also got another team gold medal so she had 3 in all....

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Vincent Mattox

I think my dad should be an everyday hero because he has been with me for my life. He always supports me by telling me good things and things I shouldn't do. He should be an hero because he supports other people also. He doesn't just support me. Which that is also a good thing of how he supports not just me,...

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Irene Vero

I am Olivia Vero and today I am going to tell you about my everyday hero. She is wonderful and caring and always looks out for me. This great person is my mom. My mom is someone that will bring you up when you are down and will always be there for you. I could name so many more reasons of why she is my everyday...

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Bridgett Peace

My everyday hero is my mom. Her full name is Bridgett Annette Peace. My mom is a everyday hero because she is strong, caring, and loyal. She helps people but isn’t afraid too tell them how it is. My mom tried hard when she was younger but she didn’t make it to the top. She liked doing hair when she was 16 years...

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Eric Vanderloop

Eric Vanderloop is not only a teacher at Woodland School in Kimberly, Wisconsin, but also the founder of Unless. 7 years ago Mr Vanderloop and his class decided to start Unless to help support cancer victims and their families. Over $500,000 has been raised so far for cancer patients, and it's all thanks to him....

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Jb Mauney

My everyday hero is Jb Mauney and the reason for this is he never gives up on anything.Even if it is a bull he is riding that night he might not make his eight second mark but when he gets a chance to ride that bull again he will jump right on it.This is why he has inspired me and he is a great friend of mine to...

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