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Who Is Your Hero?

We've all had people in our lives who have made a positive impact on our lives. A grandparent or parent, an uncle or aunt or maybe even a guy who shines shoes for a living? Whoever they are, tell us their story so they can inspire us even more.

Tell Us About Your Hero

Alisha Bishop

My mom deserves the tittle hero because she has always listened to me and my problems and like a good leader usually dose not give her opinion until I ask for it but she usually will try to get my answer out from me even before I think I know what to do. I truly know that what ever I do in my future she will...

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Ashley Wade

Ashley took my son Robby under her wing a few years ago. He has autism. She's been like a big sister to Robby and he just adores her. She is like his guardian angel and we are truly grateful to have her in our lives

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Gregg Petch

My Hero is my dad. If you met him on the street you would think he was just a normal guy, but the truth is that he is a real life super hero. He is a firefighter and Rescue First Responder (Deputy Chief to be exact). He is the person you call when everything is going wrong. He puts his life on the line to save...

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Maria Keller

Imagine a world without books. Imagine going to sleep at night as a child without having had a bedtime story read to you. Imagine attending school with other children whose homes are filled with books and who do considerably better than you academically, as a result. At the young age of 8 years, Maria Keller...

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Mom me

Julie Currie

I am writing to explain why my mom deserves the title of my hero. My mom has been an absolute inspiration since I was a child. She portrays many values I look up to and wish to encompass as I grow older, such as compassion, devotion, loyalty, kindness and most of all, humility. Humility can be defined as a modest...

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Mina Creswell

Mina Creswell is always working to help others she strives to bring change to so many different communities, she's always working volunteering her time and never really takes time for herself she is a hero because she pushes people to be great she mentors young women, works with veterans and even goes out to...

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Walter Lesaulnier

He is a truly great and charitable person. He has refurbished several thousand computers and donated them for free. He's donated locally and all over the world. He donated many to Katrina victims. He's 85 years old and there is a great Youtube video of him playing kickball with neighborhood kids. A Google search...

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Brian Schamber

Brian Schamber is a hero in every way that matters. By definition, a hero is someone who is idealized for courage, and Brian is the most courageous man I know. Born and raised in a small farming town, he was the apple of every old granny's eye. From a young age, he was given large responsibilities on the family...

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Patsy Hume

Patsy Hume. Otherwise known as Nana . she may not seem like a hero to you but she has practically raised me .she's been through more than imaginable. I got taken away from my mom when I was in 6th grade. She graciously took me in and took on the challenges of being the loving Nana as well as the diciplinary...

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La'porsha Renae

La'porsha is my hero because although I have never met her, the courage and perseverance she has soon through her hard times have given me how to do the same because as a 12 year old kid who has been abused as a baby and between to a pulp at school I need all the hope I can get. And seeing her do so well in...

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Birgitta Erikson

My grandma inspires me to work hard and try my best. And even though she has rough times, she is always there for me, all day, every day. She is a very hard worker and always tries her and that's why she inspires me to do my best at every thing and deserves the title of being a hero!

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Calvin Mann

I would like to nominate Calvin T. Mann as my hero! A coach for more than 28 years he has served as an advocate for children and youth ensuring educational opportunities for more than 75% of youth he coached. Today he is a community leader and advocate in building families through boys and fathers a consuming...

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Noreen Crush

My personal hero and every day inspiration is my mom. She is a hard working, dedicated, and extremely patient woman. She has always been the common ground between my dad and I, as we are both very bull headed. She works as a registered nurse in emerge. I am extremely proud to call her my mom, and even happier she...

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Laura Hays

My sister is one of my biggest heroes. She is very kind and caring. She gives to and cares for others, most always putting others first. When she does something, she gives her all and her best. She is a household manager, taxi driver, counselor, case manager, advisor, life coach, mental health liaison,...

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Jake nuez

To whom this may concern I am typing to you about a very special person that has inspiried me in a very short time. I was recently married back in march 2015 and my wife has a 12 year old son with down syndrome. He is such a great person and very enjoyable to be around. I have never been around to many people...

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