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Enter your hero story in our Hero of the Month contest. Each month we will select an everyday hero as our “Hero of the Month” and share their story on our website and newsletter. We may even feature them on a new billboard in our nationwide campaign.

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Congratulations to Sue and Gavin Morton, the Everyday Hero Contest winners for February. The Mortons recently expanded their family from 5 to 7 when they opened their doors and hearts to two teenage boys who were down on their luck...

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Sumit Saluja

Every person in my opinion is a hero in one or the other way as everyone is fighting for the survival each day. However, this man - a common man is a real hero in my perspective as I have seen him indulging in acts that only a hero can. The story is about Sumit, my husband. Once when we were at an orthopedics's...

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joe slyman

Joe Slyman is my father. I cannot express to you in words how blessed that makes me. I was the first out of three children my parents adopted. My whole entire life, that's thirty-six years, I've never once witnessed my parents disrespect each other or put each other down. I've been so lucky to have a father who...

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Abigail Marshall

Abigail Marshall was10 years of age; and liked receiving brand new pajamas from their Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve. She realized that today’s economy not every child would be as fortunate, she along with her sister Camillie decided they wanted to make a difference. PJs 4 Xmas a Nonprofit Organization from kids for...

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Comcast cares 2013

Olivia Rosales

Irreplaceable, more than wonderful, incredible, the lovely daughter who at only 13 has done so much with her life that has been positive and life changing, not only for herself but as I parent I am constantly amazed by her. I knew would have imagined having kids, growing up as an only child – motherhood never...

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Dr lissa gates

L'Issa L. Gates, M.D.

Dr. L'Issa L. Gates is one of the preeminent physicians in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area. She is a native New Orleanian who practices pediatrics and preventive medicine and is the first African American Partner at Westside Clinics, AMC where she delivers outstanding healing services with a...

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Thomas Exler

I nominate Thomas Exler for the My Hero for Thomas is a compassionate, dedicated man who volunteers both locally and nationally for several organizations. The current organizations that he volunteers for include Pittsburgh Ostomy Society, Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community, Courage to...

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Carter & Olivia Ries

Olivia and Carter started their own NGO back in 2009 when they were just 7 and 8 respectfully in an effort to save endangered species and clean up our environment for at least One More Generation... and beyond. Since starting OMG they have created three main divisions within their nonprofit. The first is...

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Amanda Magill

A hero brings you back once hope has escaped your dreams. A hero ignites your spark, allowing for darkest nights to be seen. Heroes disguised as humans, living lives they call their own. interesting part about it, they might not even know. Tell them they are your hero, and often times you'll...

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Francis Daniel Canizalez

In 1996, Francis Daniel Canizalez was born. Francis’ father knew in his heart that, even as a baby, his son was inclined towards music. When he sang to him, he was sure Francis was receptive. Francis’ father, himself a musician, was always playing music throughout the house. Perhaps that is how Francis developed...

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Nicholas Lowinger

Nicholas Lowinger is a peacemaker and hero. At seventeen, he is an incredibly compassionate young man, who has made it his life’s purpose to advocate for equality for homeless children and to engage young people to take action and make the world a better place. While volunteering at a homeless shelter when he...

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My wife is a foster parent for animals,and f at any given time she can have 7 dogs, 5 cats and 2 birds. Meda has taken care of a dog that has had acid thrown on her, another dog hit by a car and then shot, left to die on the side of the road, A cat that was thrown from a moving car shattering both his front lets....

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Lev download

Lev Kahmel Mills

I definitely believe that there is power in one. One single person and one single act can change the lives of many. I have witnessed that some of the smallest things can make the largest impact. I would like to nominate my friend, Lev Kahmel Mills for a seemingly small impact that has changed my world. I met...

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Chantay Bridges

Chantay Bridges has a long track record of doing good and alms deeds. She has been a faithful and active community member for over 20 years. She is committed to the things, people and work of needy. She continues to reach out, everything from providing help to the disadvantaged, grief/sympathy coordinator, for...

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Kurt Freyman

I nominate my father, Kurt Freyman. He is a hero. He is a hero for many different reasons. My dad is a family man and a coach. He recently won Top 5 Kraft 100 in all of Canada for the best volunteer. He helps anyone, anytime. From personal issues to helping tie skates at the rink to just being there for his...

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Sandy williams


This lady works 24/7, always on call to save an animal! The only life she seems to have is SAVING A LIFE! There is NO animal too LARGE,SMALL,SICK Or Distance needed to travel she will not help! The ONLY thing she EVER asks for = Give the Fur babies a GOOD home & Donate to our cause & Shelter!

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