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Enter your hero story in our Hero of the Month contest. Each month we will select an everyday hero as our “Hero of the Month” and share their story on our website and newsletter. We may even feature them on a new billboard in our nationwide campaign.

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Meet Our Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Jessica Carscadden, the Everyday Hero Contest winner for March. Jessica started the We Care Bears Project which collects and donates stuffed animals to kids who are in scary situations. Read her inspiring story...

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Daniel Chandler

Daniel is an amazing person. He has powered through the toughest losses, but he always manages to smile. His job is to take care of people. He chooses to work this job because he wants to, not for the money. He does whatever he can to make everyone around him happy. He is the most loving person I know.

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Froswa' Booker-Drew

Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew is an author, speaker, trainer and consultant. For more than twenty years, she has offered consulting services to numerous small businesses and organizations. Personally my organization has benefited from her willingness to go above and beyond to assist start-ups as well as established...

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Khairatul Saidu

Khairatul Saidu is a Nigerian school student born on the 9th February 1999. She is Nigeria youngest Activist. Has great passion and zeal for development. She is 16 years old. From kogi state. She was selected as a member of World Peace Caravan and a Millennium Development Ambassador. Has fought for global peace....

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Mia Clayton

Mia Juliette has been a force of nature since birth. She has a big personality and even bigger heart. The summer before Kindergarten Mia decided she needed to change the world. She was inspired by Kid President and had a desire to help needy children in our community. Over the past year Mia had donated over...

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Robert Zundel

My hero is my husband Robert, He loved me when I thought no one would. We have been married for three years and when we first met it was difficult. I spent years in abusive relationships and I did not trust anyone. He was soft spoken and kind but yet I was afraid. I would not let him in my heart until the day he...

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Michael and Chris Shannon and Trokey

Michael Shannon is a doctor that was told that a baby (Chris Trokey) had a 50/50 chance at surviving and decided to stay with Chris until he got better and he did. About 30 years later, Chris, as a paramedic, helped save a man from a terrible car accident that caught on fire. When they rushed to the hospital to...

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Chann Jones

Chann Jones is my mom and growing up life was hard for her but it got easier later on. My mom was born in Cambodia but only lived there for a short period of time due to the Khmer Rouge War. She had to run away with her mom and two siblings while her dad was fighting in the war. At the time my mom was seven...

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Jamie Rush

Jamie is truly the most inspiring strong person I've ever met. She's the kind of person that is a model of overcoming adversity. Jamie has overcame a childhood and past that Would have broken any other person. Yet she today is the most beautiful Caring strongest girl. Jamie is my hero for that but not only that....

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Tess Schweitzer Watson

Hi my name is Michelle Nelson and I would like to nominate a special friend of mine named Tess, Tess has two wonderful boys, One who is in Heaven and the other is still with her, in her heart. Tess had a son who died of Cancer when he was just 7 years old, he passed away shortly after his 7th birthday, Devon...

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Isela Zarate

I am sitting in English class day dreaming of what I will become when I’m older and then I hear the teacher say, “Students please go get a “My hero is “ book from the bookshelf.That is when I start thinking about my hero and what she's done for me and how she's overcome so many obstacles like they were never...

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Coach donna

Donna Jones

I would like to nominate DONNA JONES for the Everyday Hero. She is 42 years old. Her phone number is 813-767-5341. Coach Donna as most know her, works at Copeland Park in Tampa. She is the coach of age 8 and up girls. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND for these girls on a daily basis. Everything from coaching thier step...

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Matthew Massullo

Matthew has suffered from Major Depression Disorder since he was 18. After enlisting in the Army, he finally got the consistency that he craved for so long. Unfortunately, his depression kept him from being happy, and his military career quickly came to an end when he attempted suicide in February of 2014....

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Lindsay Condefer

Lindsay is an amazing, selfless person who gives countless hours not only to her dog rescue, which takes in several animals needing medical care, but also to raising awareness and acceptance for children with craniofacial conditions. The most notable dog she raised is Lentil, a French bulldog born with a...

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Lori Rich

Lori Rich, of Riverside, CA, founded Taking it to the Streets with Lori and Rich three years ago after recognizing the need to offer kindness and compassion to the dogs living on the streets with the homeless population. She and her daughter Shira were able to see the problem of a homeless person not being able...

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Lance York

My daddy is the BEST dad in the would but he is alsoe a Immokalee Water Distribution he helps people get their clean water. I think their should be more people like him I love my dad and I hope you do to

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