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Enter your hero story in our Hero of the Month contest. Each month we will select an everyday hero as our “Hero of the Month” and share their story on our website and newsletter. We may even feature them on a new billboard in our nationwide campaign.

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Meet Our Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Jessica Carscadden, the Everyday Hero Contest winner for March. Jessica started the We Care Bears Project which collects and donates stuffed animals to kids who are in scary situations. Read her inspiring story...

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Coach donna

Donna Jones

I would like to nominate DONNA JONES for the Everyday Hero. She is 42 years old. Her phone number is 813-767-5341. Coach Donna as most know her, works at Copeland Park in Tampa. She is the coach of age 8 and up girls. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND for these girls on a daily basis. Everything from coaching thier step...

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Matthew Massullo

Matthew has suffered from Major Depression Disorder since he was 18. After enlisting in the Army, he finally got the consistency that he craved for so long. Unfortunately, his depression kept him from being happy, and his military career quickly came to an end when he attempted suicide in February of 2014....

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Dsc 0502

Lindsay Condefer

Lindsay is an amazing, selfless person who gives countless hours not only to her dog rescue, which takes in several animals needing medical care, but also to raising awareness and acceptance for children with craniofacial conditions. The most notable dog she raised is Lentil, a French bulldog born with a...

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Lori Rich

Lori Rich, of Riverside, CA, founded Taking it to the Streets with Lori and Rich three years ago after recognizing the need to offer kindness and compassion to the dogs living on the streets with the homeless population. She and her daughter Shira were able to see the problem of a homeless person not being able...

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Lance York

My daddy is the BEST dad in the would but he is alsoe a Immokalee Water Distribution he helps people get their clean water. I think their should be more people like him I love my dad and I hope you do to

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Megan York

She is the best mom in the world but she is also the best second grade teacher. Her heart is only full of love. Her students a treated as if they were me, her daughter. She cares more than anyone I have ever known. The world could use more people like her!

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Ari Tanghe

In a way, distance runners create their own magic. They pull miles and miles out of their hats, and in full stride, they make energy gels seemingly appear out of thin air. Dedicated runners are able to multiply race bibs like white rabbits (though many wish they could multiply those hard-to-come-by safety...

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Img 0515

Rodney High

My dad is my everyday hero. He is extremely caring and generous. He wants to do everything he can for my sister and me; he constantly searches for new ways to provide and support us in our lives. Rodney's heart for the Lord is so evident; he emits God's joy and shares it with everyone around him. He desires to...

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Barbara McNamara

Who can be considered a hero? In my eyes, a hero is someone who inspires you to better yourself. My mother, Barb, is my best friend and my hero. She has molded me into the person I am today. She is such a selfless person. She saves lives every day and cares so much for everyone!

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David Browe

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Sarah Cahill

I have had the opportunity of being best friends with an amazing and inspiring young adult named Sarah Cahill. She is currently 18 years old and has been a huge role model for not only me but thousands worldwide. Sarah is the most selfless person I know, and puts ALL 110% of her effort into helping other...

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Sumit Saluja

Every person in my opinion is a hero in one or the other way as everyone is fighting for the survival each day. However, this man - a common man is a real hero in my perspective as I have seen him indulging in acts that only a hero can. The story is about Sumit, my husband. Once when we were at an orthopedics's...

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joe slyman

Joe Slyman is my father. I cannot express to you in words how blessed that makes me. I was the first out of three children my parents adopted. My whole entire life, that's thirty-six years, I've never once witnessed my parents disrespect each other or put each other down. I've been so lucky to have a father who...

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Abigail Marshall

Abigail Marshall was10 years of age; and liked receiving brand new pajamas from their Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve. She realized that today’s economy not every child would be as fortunate, she along with her sister Camillie decided they wanted to make a difference. PJs 4 Xmas a Nonprofit Organization from kids for...

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Comcast cares 2013

Olivia Rosales

Irreplaceable, more than wonderful, incredible, the lovely daughter who at only 13 has done so much with her life that has been positive and life changing, not only for herself but as I parent I am constantly amazed by her. I knew would have imagined having kids, growing up as an only child – motherhood never...

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