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Inspiration is something that influences and stimulates you.

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You raise me up

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  • “Life's ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones.”

    —Marsha Sinetar

  • “Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.”

    —Michel de Montaigne Essayist, Author

  • “What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”

    —George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] Novelist, Editor

  • “Know in your heart that all things are possible. We couldn't conceive of a miracle if none had ever happened.”

    —Libbie Fudim

  • “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.”

    —Charles Swindoll Founder Of Insight For Living

Value Ideas For Inspiration


Hang an inspiration board by your desk.


Make a list of the top 3 things you want to accomplish today.


Clean your desk. A tidy desk gives you energy, inspiration, and lets you focus on what needs to be done.


Write a letter to your future self and stash it away to discover later.


Indulge in something you love.

Stories About Inspiration

Wooden Angels

Submitted by Linda

My grandfather was a great man...I always knew that but the older I got I realized that everyone who knew him thought so as...

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Track Star Fighting A Curved Spine

Submitted by Lauren

In the summer of 2012,i was diagnosed with scoliosis. At the time the top of my spine had a 67 degree curve and my bottom had...

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Which Path To Choose And Which To Burn

Submitted by Briana Rose

you know what really makes me happy is when people make a difference. because you can always show some one you are trying...

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Everyday Hero Stories

My Dad Freddie Johnson

My dads is my hero he tought me the greaests vaules of life and the main thing is LOVE and to be happy he created the...

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Tom K

Would You Recognize Greatness?

One summer day a player sweated all alone in a gymnasium long snapping footballs from the...

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Emmy Hamilton

Emerson Grace went without oxygen at birth resulting in severe quad CP. From day one, her life has been a fight and she's...

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'Inspiration is the language of a free spirit' with love to all Mary Ann Plamenac motivational life coach
maryann p., United States

I took my diagnosis of skin cancer (which includes surgeries and burning) and turned it around to help kids know about addictions (mine was to tanning) and skin cancer. I turned a negative into a positive for both myself and the students I talk to.
Jana , Illinois

My life is falling apart quicker than i can repair it
Angela, Portland

Inspiration is an internal event. I seemed to have locked the door, yet got some serious help opening it through an online mentoring site (their name says it all!) called (aka Free Thinking Renegades). I realized my thinking wasn't free, and had to find my way back to it. Loved your post and other comments. Thanks for the info!!
Sedona Cole , Vancouver, Bc

Inspirations of this nature have really helped in people's lives.
Ediomo Iton, Nigeria Uyo

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