Even after nearly a quarter of a century, Albert remains motivated by one thing: to help families in a time of need.” Roger Oxendale,Children's Hospital President and CEO

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Every Tuesday and Thursday for more than 30 years, Albert Lexie has left his home at 5:50 a.m. to travel 90 minutes by bus to the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. When he arrives, he sets up his shoeshine box in the lobby and gets to work, charging $3 per shine.

Albert’s earnings allow him to live on an annual income of about $10,000. Yet, astonishingly, he donates approximately $10,000 a year to the hospital.

Despite living within very modest means, Albert gives every penny of his tips to the hospital’s Children's Free Care Fund, which ensures that all children receive medical care, regardless of a family's financial ability to pay for it. Since 1982, he has donated more than $200,000 of his hard-earned tips to the Children’s Hospital.

He has been featured on local and national news, received numerous awards, and even has published a book, “Albert’s Kids, The Heroic Work of Shining Shoes for Sick Children.” Yet through his fame, Albert continues to do what he does best. He shows up at the hospital, shines shoes—and provides a brilliant example of the way to give, love and live.

To the children and family he has helped over the years, and to everyone he encounters, Albert is an everyday hero. With his diligence, his humility and his loving kindness, he embodies the value of charity.

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Watch Albert Lexie tell his story about how he was able to donate over $150,000 (and counting) to Children's Free Care Fund.

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This simply proves that anyone, anywhere can do great things in a small way.... Cheers Mr. Albert. Would love to hear from you. Tony
Tony Herold 3 months ago from India

I can attest to Albert's daily commitment. I grew up in the Mon Valley in Pennsylvania and remember seeing Albert daily hard at work with his shoe shine box. Along with charity should be hard work and commitment.
Patrick Paluso 9 months ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

Tears with a smile fill my face and my heart. I am grateful for what Albert does for everyone and himself. God Bless you Albert, enjoy what you do and the love you give. :)
Lynise Tarring 12 months ago from Hilo, HI

what a wonderful wonderful heartwarming story!
patti about 1 year ago from illinois

This is great for the children and for his self-esteem! He is truly a loving, giving soul! I had a special needs daughter and she spent a lot of time in a local children's hospital ... this is a truly GREAT gift!
Marie Odom-Green about 1 year ago from St. Louis

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