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Watch Crystal Shawanda, song writer and recording artist talk about what inspired her to write "You Can Let Go".


About This TV Commercial

In a heartwarming story capturing the life cycle of a daughter and her father we see shared moments remembered through Crystal Shawanda's ballad "You Can Let Go." The value of Everlasting Love is poignantly conveyed in an encouraging message for all ages.

Video Transcript

Music: Wind blowing on my face, sidewalk flying beneath my bike
A five year olds first taste of what freedom’s really like
You can let go now, daddy. You can let go
Your little girl is ready to do this on my own
It’s gonna be a little bit scary
But I want you to know, I’ll be okay now daddy
Voice Over: “Everlasting Love. Pass it on”
You can let go
Super/VO: Everlasting Love…Pass it On. The Foundation for a Better Life

Love. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Best site I've visited. Positivity + Positivity equals real results Real time. Thanks

A positive message for Elliott in Seattle Washington. To open up for choosing forgiveness will give you strength in everyday life. PLEASE FORIVE & LET GO
Kathy, Madison SD

my dad pass away on February 7 from als i was there on February 8 spend a night there my mom and my brother was there my dad told him he was sorry for beaning men to him is been so hard for me to move on
Elliott, Seattle WA

this video makes me choke up and my eyes well up-sad but inspiring. I can't imagine being in her position.
Isabel, Ohio, U.S

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant ....very inspiring, very sensible values from one so young
john, india

Touches your Heart .... so appropriate the words the video
john, india

so sad.

I'm glad to have my parents with life. This comercial show me how important it is to be with our parents, enjoy every single day and moment with them. Seriously I can't imagine my life with them.

this makes me sad

My father was in hospice and suffering from dementia. Some days he was lucid, but more often than not, he wasn't. I chose not to see him before he passed away, because I didn't think I could bear the possibility that he wouldn't know who I was. I regret that decision now. This commercial drove home to me how important it is to be with our parents in their time of need, whether they know we're there or not. I love you, Dad! <3

I certainly am glad to see someone else kisses his parent(s) goodbye in this situation!
BoB Brown, Aurora Colorado

My 8 year old cried for an hour after watching seeing this on TV. Funny..I was distracted by the helmet on the small girls head.. wondering if it is good enough!!
TM, Salt Lake City

This comercial always makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it
Michelle, Los Angeles

I first saw the video of this song the morning after my beloved father passed away and I absolutely sobbed! I haven't seen it in 5 years and it still makes me cry and I still miss him like crazy.
Beth, Westlake, Ohio

This so touched my heart. I've lost both my beloved parents over the last several years. Thank you for producing such inspirational commercials. I plan on watching each of them with my granddaughter, and discussing the lesson. Great teaching tool!
Joanne, Ontario, Canada

My father was dying of Alzheimer's, when my mom lovingly said, those same words. It was so meaningful to me. He died the next day in peace.
Sally, Napa

This reminds me of when my mom was at the hospital with me. I was 5 years old. My grandpa was dying, my mom was sad. She was crying. My grandpa had canser, however you spell it.
Tessa York, Mayville, WI.

Thank You Beautiful I Sit Next To My Father This Very Moment @ hospice And Tell Him Constantly Its Ok.. He Is Still HoldinG On :(
Lissete, Hialeah, FL

this video reminds me of my granpa .. makes me cry!
gabriela castillo, Honduras

this comercial makes me fell all warm and fuzzy inside
Tatyanna, killeen