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The greatest struggles in relationships are always centered around communication. Certainly we want to be understood which requires that first we reach out to understand the other person. But distractions in our busy lives can keep good communication from happening. This PSA reminds us to watch for the small moments that can make a big difference in our relationships. Listen... Pass It On.

Video Transcript

Baby tell me where'd you ever learn
To fight without sayin' a word
Then waltz back into my life
Like it's all gonna be alright
Don't you know how much it hurts
When we don't talk
When we don't touch
When it doesn't feel like we're even in love
It matters to me
When I don't know what to say
Don't know what to do
Don't know if it really even matters to you
How can I make you see
It matters to me
When I don't know what to say
Don't know what to do
Don't know if it really even matters to you
How can I make you see
It matters to me

SUPER: Listen… Pass It On.
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Listening. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Is the first time I saw this commercial and I like it cause it remind me of my husband and me
Maria , Kissimmee Florida

Listening is my favorite

The ultimate dialogue is l o v e!
martha, Tampa, Fl., U.S.A.

This one should play in every language daily on the you tube and tv
Kathleen, Celebration,Florida

I absolutely love this commercial! So true!!!
Me, Here

Even though I do not speak Spanish I love the commercial with the 2 people otherwise know as (dishes) . They bring everything out and to the point. I wish I knew their names.
Patricia , New Britain Ct.

Brings tears to my eyes. We all lead stressful & busy lives but need to find a balance so the most important things in our lives know that they are #1.
Denise, Michigan

this is soo cute omg love means so much to lots of people
Kayleigh , michigan

how we miss some good moments in our life
Christine, Sayreville,N.J.

so beautiful
hongtao, USA,new york

Very inspirational! Thank you!
Debbie, Canada

I was looking for Wonderful World and this is great too, thanks.
Gabriela Checa, Virginia

thank you for puting this song up love it !!!
Kathy, portland

It matters to me that you listen. I really miss feeling like you love me.
Judy, Utah

This is the BEST commercial I have ever seen! I hope people listen before they cannot save their relationships.
Lynn, Pascoag RI

Thanks for all you are doing! The superpacs should send all the money to you, for this campaign. Amazing. video, "The Dishes" If it doesn't make you cry, you must be texting.
Kay, Illinois

Julia, Alabama

Thank you!! This one just keeps bringing tears. I too have been married for over 17 yrs and unfortunately its very true, internet, cellphones etc. has distant too many relationships. I always wanted to marry a workaholic but now things get in the way to make time for us. When we first got together, the internet technology was just taking off, texting and cellphones were not out yet..we spend time playing board games, taking walks, just sitting on couch talking. In the past 14 yrs, thats very rare as his work is programming. I go to bed alone as he continues to work, no more talking in bed about the day or about the kids. I miss my husband. Lately I am spending time again alone more and more but I remember the times we did have and how much he still makes me melt ( like Olive Oyl did with Popeye) when he makes the time. Make time for one another, you might not get another day!
Fina, California

This video brings tears, one for wishing I had someone to care for me and for all that do but are disconnected. Thank you
princess, Illinois

This is what is truly happening in our society right now! We have been flooded with various modern gadgets for communicating; yet, we barely find time to talk with the people who are just fingertips away - the members of our family!
Ebelardo, Tarlac City, Philippines