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Peer Pressure can be used as a positive force, as seen in this scenario! Take a look at one of our newest TV spots and watch as a group of teens influence their friend to ‘do the right thing’ while hanging out at a music store.

Video Transcript

Comon Man.
Just do it quick, no one’s watching.
You have to if you want to hang with us.
The other one too?
Good Job.

Do the right thing. Pass it on. A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

Character. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®


Great ad. I love all you put out.
Sandi, South Bay, CA

That's pretty neat

Show strength of character and do the right thing even if it won't make you popular, Your true friends would support you anyway,
Jim , Teddington

Do right make sure that if you are in a peer pressure for the wrong think just say no.
lorien, lo

do the right thing even if u wanna be cool,still do the right thing.If you arent cool,still you will feel good for doing the right thing

Do the right things!!!!,amen

the video shows that always do the right thing no matter what.

That was the right thing to do.

This video shows to always do the right thing even if i means you don't become cool or popular.
Brianna.k, white Middle

This young man was pressured to steel a C.D. from a store, but he knew it wasn't the right thing to do. So, he put theC.D.'s back and did the right thing. This showed his true character.

WOW.I'm speech less

that is a great comercial
emmanuel, orlando, florida

Plot twist
Reagan , NGA

No words could express what I've got to say
Caryl, Philippines

Very nice
June candelaria, Philippines

I showed this to my brother and now he knows to do right choice
penguin , new jeresy

this video is super cool
Pamela, Tampa Bay

Using this to present a story and ad tells for my Communications class :) It's a nice message and I love it.
Billy Stewart, New York

My wife and I are watching these videos and are enjoying the messages they send out. This one really is relevant to today as it was years back about peer pressure. Keep up the great work, and God bless you.
Leo, Montana