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Every good thing that has ever been achieved began with an idea——a dream that something better is actually possible. Skeptics likely doubted, friends wondered, and still the idea survived. Our society depends upon ordinary people to think the extraordinary—someone to simply ask, even in the face of criticism, why not? Could a cure for an incurable disease exist, how far is too far to travel, can children's hunger be alleviated, can everyone get a good education? John Lennon's "Imagine" provides a thoughtful and inspiring backdrop for you to Imagine... the Possibilities. Pass it On.

Video Transcript

[lyrics] You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can.
No need for greed or hunger.
A brotherhood of man.

Imagine all the people,
sharing all the world.

You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be live as one.

Imagine. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Just imagine...
Ortiz, Corpus Christi, Texas

No Comment Necessary....but I will say wouldn't it be wonderful for this to be so.
Suzanne, Riverhead NY

Please could we have some of these doing good adverts in England. If only we could restore peace in the world.
Carole, england

This made me cry after what is going on here
Ann, In Sara live in Chicago from England

I love this song, video and commercial when y'all show it on TV it is Beautiful
Shay, Roanoke Rapids

Accusations like the ones mentioned below are actually the sincerest form of flattery. It's okay, nothing wrong with a little love from a critic. Keep on keeping on!! I will Pass It On!
Thomas, Orlando, Florida, USA

Kandi Shahid, USA

Christine, San Diego, CA

Peace! Love this!
Lila, Maine

Uplifting & Inspiring Energy rippling out through the Universe!
Jean, Aspen, Colorado

Your commercials are the only ones worth watching, TV needs more of them. Thank-you!
Robin, ON., Canada

I think of my granddaughters and their future. Let me start today, by cutting and paving a path for their tomorrows, so that they can build a solid road on that path, for their lives and futures.
Lee, New Port Richey FL

This website is accused of being "conservative" leaning in its moral and political stance. How come it highlights this blatantly political, atheistic and progressive song?
Harold, Southern California

just dream
Christine, Sayreville,N.J.

So glad I found this site
Andrea, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

first time on this site. I saw the John Denver commercial on TV and decided to investigate. Such a terrific idea! I will be sharing these wonderful commercial on Facebook.
Bonnie, North Carolina

Jessie, Montana

Thank You!!!
Patrick, Chastain

Imagine.... Then Create. Thought is the first step, but thought without action is useless. " Imagine " does open the door to the possibilities and I am happy to see these ads you have created. Please keep on keeping on.
Rich, Pennsylvania

love moving it forward, Pass it on
Enrique, Salinas,CA