Pass It On®

About This TV Commercial

The earth we all share is beautiful. It provides our food, the air we breathe and vast wonders to behold. It gives so much to each of us and requires only kindness in return. We hope you will be inspired as you take a visual tour of the earth while gliding on the melody of John Denver’s classic “Annie’s Song.” Our beautiful world… Pass It On.

Video Transcript

You fill up my senses,
like a night in a forest,
like the mountains in Spring time,
like a walk in the rain,
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean,
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again.

Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you.

Let me drown in your laughter,
let me die in your arms.

Let me lay down beside you,
let me always be with you.

Come let me love you,
come love me again.

True Beauty. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

With news of the day, this certainly puts perspective how we should treat our Earth and one another. I shared this with my Facebook community.
Stan Wagner, Denver, CO

We really are blessed with a wonderful world. We’re also blessed with the values and knowledge to sustain this world and live in harmony with each other. Are we willing to follow these values? The future world hopes and prays we will.
Joe, Kent, WA

Ain't GOD good!
Jim, ND

With your ads people will have to acknowledge the devastation they are causing this magnificent earth. Outstanding job mixing the videos witth the right songs
Celeste, Montgomery, Texas

I'm so happy you used John's song in this way. He would be so proud. He was all about nature, every scene is a part of him. I can't tell you how happy I feel when I hear and watch all of this video. Just wish all of it was shown on tv. Never, Never remove it from tv... .John lives on in our beautiful world and in his song.
Belle, Davis

John, Illinois

Magnificent! Thank you!
Mary Ann

Not having to watch or listen to a bunch of lion lawyers, politicians or sales man..........Priceless!
Chuck, Tarpon Springs, Fl

I love this song and video. I am amazed how extraordinarily wonderful it makes me feel just listeninglistening and watching it.
Patty , Indiana

Very besutiful videos.
Shirley, Elkhart, IN

the best!
debra, nc

Like Lex from Louisville KY, my wonderful wife of 41 yrs suddenly passed away. All during our time together we listened to John Denver. Annie's Song was one of her favorites. This video presence of nature's beauty is so very moving. Each scene well timed for lasting inspirational effectiveness. Thank you Pass It On for giving the visual presentation to so many and providing a personal way of keeping the beauty of my wife alive in my heart.
Dave, Bryan, TX

We are all connected, especially to nature. I wonder why the woman at the video's end is crying: 1) Moved by the sheer beauty of our world 2) Humbled by how small we and our problems are compared to the world and universe 3) Because she is thinking of a loved one 4) A pure mystery
Chuck Beatty, Boulder, CO

I cry when I hear this song, it is so beautiful.
JoAnn, Vermont

Most wonderful.
Marjorie, Idaho

Really beautiful
Nita, ha.

So beautiful.
Judy , Indiana

You captured so much beauty! Thank you! I wish the whole commercial could air on TV.
Stacey, Honolulu, HI

I love this song
pamela, mfld WI

This is by far the best commercial on TV! It is so beautiful it almost brings tears to my eyes! Don't ever remove this commercial! We need to take care of Mother Earth, she is the only one we have!!
STACY, La Crosse, Wisconsin