Pass It On®

About This TV Commercial

The earth we all share is beautiful. It provides our food, the air we breathe and vast wonders to behold. It gives so much to each of us and requires only kindness in return. We hope you will be inspired as you take a visual tour of the earth while gliding on the melody of John Denver’s classic “Annie’s Song.” Our beautiful world… Pass It On.

Video Transcript

You fill up my senses,
like a night in a forest,
like the mountains in Spring time,
like a walk in the rain,
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean,
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again.

Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you.

Let me drown in your laughter,
let me die in your arms.

Let me lay down beside you,
let me always be with you.

Come let me love you,
come love me again.

True Beauty. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Wow, brought tears to my eyes.
Linda, Terre Haute a IN

Beautiful. This is really moved me.
Karen, California

Love all the Values commercials, but this is my favorite. The music and words are so beautiful, and John's magical voice and the visual pictures make it all come together.
Susan, CA

I am glad someone recognizes John's beautiful voice and share it with the world especially this commercial..thank you so much
sheryle, stoudt

omg gives me the chills...John has the voice of an angel. great it
sheryle stoudt, Reading, Penna

I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes, because of the song and who sang it, our beautiful Earth and all it beholds. There is absolutely nothing like being one with nature.
Sharon, Milton, FL

Have to congratulate you on this beautiful commercial done with great taste!
susan, NC

Love it! Thanks for allowing John to share!
Natalie, MD

I adore this! Thank you!!
Nanci, Golden, CO

Johns Annies song an visuals brings tears everytime.Mother&child touches my heart. Beautiful
Cathy, Butler Pennsylvania

his singing this song an the visual pictures brings tears everytime.
Cathy, Butler,Pennsylvania

I'd like to see wildflowers included
Eleanor, Florida

Who is the man in the beginning,sitting on the rocks. I adore this song and love all of John Denver's songs.
Ellen , Georgia

so pretty :)
Paula, Jermyn, Pa.

Joey G, Cape Coral

Absolutely lovely, and I didn't even like Denver. His voice is perfect for these scenes. I sent it to my sister.
Patricia, Indiana

A beautiful pause in a world of craziness. Thank you for sharing.
Joe, Lake Tahoe, CA

This tugged at my heart strings. What a beautiful planet we live on. Protect it the best you can!
Diana, Meridian, ID

Just learned of this website today after seeing commercial. This website helps extend the great feelings I got last night from seeing my daughter in law lead great grade school performance of wizard of oz. It is a wonderful world with so much beauty and good people in it. Keep up the good work.
Larry, Indian Land, SC

Simple things we take for granted. We have no one to blame but ourselves when it's gone. Push the reset button and start over we can do better, we must do better, we have to do better for our kids. Great song and so much truth...
Al, Santa Fe Springs,Ca