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The earth we all share is beautiful. It provides our food, the air we breathe and vast wonders to behold. It gives so much to each of us and requires only kindness in return. We hope you will be inspired as you take a visual tour of the earth while gliding on the melody of John Denver’s classic “Annie’s Song.” Our beautiful world… Pass It On.

Video Transcript

You fill up my senses,
like a night in a forest,
like the mountains in Spring time,
like a walk in the rain,
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean,
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again.

Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you.

Let me drown in your laughter,
let me die in your arms.

Let me lay down beside you,
let me always be with you.

Come let me love you,
come love me again.

True Beauty. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Thank you for this site, Sometimes life's stresses will cause us to miss the beauty around us.
Tom, Raleigh NC

what a great song....and the scenery is what i see every day, but take for granted
michael, New Mexico

The late, great, John Denver wrote, sang beautiful and inspirational music. An American treasure.
Danny Kaye, New Britain, CT USA

I love this, reminds me of someone I know, XL
MARK, Indiana

I love this commercial, getting back to nature, you fill up my senses come fill me again, come let me love you, let me give my life to you! Amazing!

This is awesome!
Lee, CT

I love your commercials, they are the values I was raised with. We all need reminders to keep using them too, especially in today's world. Annie's Song was our wedding dance song, and the first time we saw your "beautiful world" commercial, we both got misty eyed. Thanks for bringing all those wonderful images to people. We are both scuba divers, campers, and gardeners, and believe in helping to preserve our world. I know that you have inspired others to do the same!
Shannon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Beautiful video
Nancy, Rosevile, Ca

Love this video & music, love The Creator of our wonderful world! Thank you!
Shirley , illinois, USA

I love this video and have saved it to play forever and ever. I even stop what I'm doing when it lays on tv on the weekends. I am entranced by it.
Debbie, Colorado

One of my most favorite commercial all time! So touching.

Beautiful. So soothing and what great singing. Makes John live on in our hearts.
Jerry, Texas

I watch this video over and over and give peace to my heart and tears from my eyes.
I M Zamora, San Diego, California.

Beautiful !
Denise, Philadelphia

Miss not hearing songs from John Denver! I always melt into the songs he sang.
Mary, Mehvillie,Mo.

I so wish that all of our powerful world leaders could wake up to this heartwarming video, every morning, before signing anything. Beautiful commercial.
Robin, FL

I watch this over and over and OVER. It is happy, peaceful, beautiful... It makes me feel better. Good work. Well done.
Gib, Ft. WOrth, TX

Always, always, love John Denver <3
Linda, Denver

Thank you, that was beautiful
Robyn, California

I love these commercials! ❤️
Mike, So Dak