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Everyone feels like an outsider at some point. Being the new girl at school is no exception. But all it takes is a simple salutation to make others feel welcome. Featuring Hilary Duff’s song “Shine,” this spot encourages viewers to reach out and just say “hi.” It’s a little word that makes a big difference…Pass it on.

Video Transcript

(Musical Interlude)

Girl 1: Who doesn’t fall asleep in that class? Like honestly!

(Girls Laugh)

Girl 1: They just expect that.
Girl 2: Honestly!
Girl 3: I know. Seriously!

(Girls Laugh)

Girl 1: He asked me right before school started.
Girl 2: Oh.
Girl 3: No way!
Girl 2: Hi!
New Student: Hi.

Shine, come on and let it shine.
Light me up, make me feel alive.

New Student: Hi!

You’ve got what it takes…

Boy 1: She actually said hi to me.
Boy 2: Oh yeah!

…shine on me today.

Reaching Out. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Annie's song is special and the video makes it carry the message. Please play forever...it's needed. Thanks John Denver.
Kent, Alabama

Something I try to do everyday from the heart.
Harvey, Buda


There's so much junk on TV and then this commercial comes on and I'm just smiling all day. Love, just Love this one!
Raoul, Virginia

I do love this commercial. I am wondering if the two girls are sisters in real life. They look so much alike, except one has curly hair and the other straight. Every time I see this, I think they have to be sisters. Same beautiful smile, teeth, etc.
Loretta, Fairbanks, AK

I saw this commercial on Qubo and I love it very much. This is a stupid question, but did you redo this commercial twice? I noticed there are 2 different versions of it.
Edwin, Illinois

Saw this on qubo and I like this message. More people sound also know about this. Also I like the song.
Melanie, Somewhere in California

i saw this one on T.V

It's difficult to adjust. It's good there's someone sensitive enough.
Sr. Athens, Lahore

I like Hilary Duff singing Shine in this P.S.A
Nancy Arrigo, Wenonah N.J

I love how a simple greeting can change a life. that's how I met my best friend:)
hannah garcia , sparta,MI

i love it
katie, milwaukee

I like this one
wayne, seattle

just greet someone new, it makes the difference
Moises, Guatemala

It's good that we can access such kind of videos nowadays. It helps a lot. It is very useful.
Mbeth, Philippines

It just goes to show what a simple act of kindness can do. Look how nervous she was coming to the new school for the first time, not knowing what to expect. Yes, just a 'hi' and a smile goes a long way. What did she do in return? 'Paid it forward' with a brilliant smile, and a 'hi'.Love it!!
Mavis, Jamaica

I showed this video to my elementary classes the first week of school. I wanted to teach them how to treat new students. We have all been a new student somewhere, sometime.
Mahonna, TX

Who is the shy girl in the commercial? I think she is so pretty.
Edward Garcia, Azusa, California

These are all amazing, I'm glad people are promoting kindness and ambition! It's a nice change!
dede, des moines

Kyle J, Lexington OH