Pass It On®

About This TV Commercial

In a fast-paced stream of events through alleys and with a police car—all underscored by the Black Eyed Peas song, “Where is the Love,” we watch the drama unfold and wonder if the young man is stealing or returning the purse—until the last triumphant moment.

Video Transcript

(Stand Alone Lyrics)
What’s wrong with the world, mama?
People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas.
I think the whole world’s addicted to the drama.
Only attracted to things that’ll bring the trauma.
Yeah. Madness is what you demonstrate,
And that’s exactly how anger works and operates.
Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight.
Take control of your mind and meditate.
Let your soul gravitate to the love ya’ll, ya’ll.

People killin’, people dying.
Children hurt and hear them cryin’?
Can you practice what you preach?
Would you turn the other cheek?

Boy: Ma’am!
Woman: (Gasps)
Boy: You forgot your purse.
Woman: Oh. You don’t know how worried I was. Thank you! Thank you very much!
Police Officer: Hey!

Voiceover: Honesty. Pass it on.

Police Officer: Nice move kid. Donut?

Voiceover: A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

(Lyrics Underneath Above Dialogue)
Father, Father, Father help us,
Send us some guidance from above.
‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’,
Where is the love?
The love, the love.
Where is the love?

Honesty. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Cassidy, Ca

not all punksare bad

What is the title of the song, it is so nice:)

I thought he was going to steal the purse then go home with it


this is inspiring because most would not take it to her id be one that would take it to her
Kyle parks, school

I also see this as speaking out against judging a book by its cover. Just because the kid looks like a punk rocker doesn't mean he acts like it. Just something I noticed.
Austin, Virginia

I love this commerical but yeah who is the kid in this commerical?
Jennifer Benitez, New York

I really love the values that you portray.
Sr. Athens, Lahore

I loved this video I learned to much of it it is very good how the kid just run for being an honest person love it :)
alejandro hernandez, whashington

I like how the cops gave him a doughnut
bob, texas

I like how the cops gave him a doughnut
bob, texas

Good that I learned something from that video
Tianna, Canada

Most asked question: who is the kid in this commercial. lol but this is a pretty amazing commercial.
Syn, jacksonville

I think this was a good inspirational commercial that tells us more than just about Honesty. It also tells us that people who look scary aren't always who you think they are. I liked this commercial. I rate it 5 star. I'm doing a project on honesty and this really helped. Thanks!
anonymous, playingitsafe

Teen, canada

so great! i am very glad hat there are people who cares to influence and make a great impact on others. it could actually change lives. thank you so much!!
Levy M.Lindo, Tarlac city, Philippines

Beautiful commercial, really made it by using that song. Just very unbelievable he would run to where she was going. Might have been more believable if he gave it to the police. Just an opinion, was an amazing commercial though. The donut part was hilarious.
Celeste, Ocala

As a punk Goth kid growing up in small minded suburbia, I get a lot of heat for the way I look, all black clothes, big boots, green, blue and teal hair and tattoos I have 2 say I LOVE THIS AD!!!!!! Thank u so much for putting this out there because my and my friends are some of the most honest, giving, friendly ppl I know but the world judges us for the way we look, but y'all r seeing what's beneath the surface and THATS an awesome value 2 have :) keep it up!
Alix Black, Aurora IL

I love the "wanna donut" line at the end.
James, Alexandria, VA