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Often the best ideas come from real life. The concept for "Baseball" originated when the spot's director was looking out his window, at his son playing a game with some neighborhood children. Just as in "Baseball," one boy ended up being left out. It was the director's son who extended the hand of friendship and invited the left-out boy to play. The director wrote "Baseball" using what he had seen from his window. "Baseball" was also the first of FBL's spots to use a child's voice for the narrative voice-over. This suggestion turned out to be a good one, as the spot has proven to be very popular since its release.

Video Transcript

MUSIC: Your time is gonna come, your time is gonna come. It’s up to you to reach out too. Be that friend who comes along. Your day is gonna come.
ANNCR/SUPER: When you make a friend, you make a difference.
MUSIC: Your day is gonna come.
ANNCR/SUPER: Friendship… Pass it On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Friendship. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Bravo! What a great video!

This is oldie but a goodie!
Mark, Wisconsin

Friendship is worth more than a million dollars

Friendship is something special

Friendship is something special

gracias i love you
jacquelinedominguezpalacios , seattle wa

Noelle R, California

That was great!
Joey Q., Oscar

It's a very good video! It shows what happens in real life.
Mica Bauti Juana , Buenos Aires

I like it. I like that the guy is invited to cheer.
Pedro, Buenos Aires

Great video!
Anonymus, Anonymus

I don´t think it's sad.
belu y cata, uk

I don´t think this is so sad.
belu y cata, Buenos Aires

Simply wonderful
Santiago G., Ecuador

I love this commercial, it makes me cry:)
Arist, Chicago, IL

Friendship never ends!
Marcel Myrick, Brooklyn, New York

I love all your commercials.......they inspire me and I'm far from young. Everyone in this world should see all the beautiful messages that we see on TV. Keep up the good work.........and thank you.
Jayne M, Dunnellon, FL

Thank you for showing beautiful and inspiring examples of values. I have passed on your site to everybody I know. Please give us more.
Adele T, Chestertown, New York

These TV spots will make the world a better place...loved them all! Thank you.
Gayle B., Lutsen, Minnesota

I saw one of your commercials and then went to your web site. I loved everyone of them. They made me laugh and cry. they were great thank you keep up the good work.
Nancy O., Medield, Massachusetts