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About This TV Commercial

In this delightful twist on a classic theme of “helping an old lady across the street” we find a hip teenager absorbed in his music with his buddies at a busy crosswalk.  Without warning, a silver-haired octogenarian suddenly jolts him out of his world by asking him an unexpected question. We all enjoy a timely lesson in manners while the song, “Hold my Hand” accents this charming moment.  Good Manners…Pass Them On.

This message playfully portrays the classic scene of helping an elderly lady across the street.  In a plot twist that both teaches Good Manners to our young hero and all of us in the viewing audience we see that values are sometimes best communicated with humor.

Video Transcript

Old Lady: “May I walk you across the street?”
Boy: “Yeah, thanks.”
ANNCR/SUPER: Good Manners, Pass Them On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Good Manners. Pass It On!

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i needed a lesson to show my boss for inspiration. you helped, thank you!
Mary, harrisburg PA

silva, Brasil

Good manners

that boy was very polite

I use the videos in my class when I teach values, conflict, friendship and other topics on Human Development. My students learn from the clips and like them. Thank you. They are a great way to begin a lesson or sum up a lesson.
Sherry Barr, Farragut HIgh School

I like this commercial, as it's very inspiring, as well as very well-done, too. :) I especially like how the boy thanked the elderly lady, and she replied, “You're welcome”, too. :)
Abigail Watson, OR

Thats My Mom!!
Jeff, Salt Lake City

I am a school teacher with students who struggle with learning disabilities. This web site is very inspiring.
Debra howard, Louisville, ky

I love this commercial, I also love the song in the background Hootie and The Blowfish is still awesome in my book
Sam V., CA

Your adds / commercials are awesome. Extremely uplifting and inspiring. "Pass it on". Thank you.
Dave Hamrick, North Carolina

Christine, Illinois

Lissa: Your grandmother's commercial is very special and will have positive impact for many years. I am very sorry for your loss.... and on Christmas day....But thank you for sharing more of her story. It makes the commercial all the more special and personal. :-)
Pete, West Bloomfield

I like it. Very awesome, as well as very well-done, too. Also, the song Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish, which is one of my favorite songs to listen to, really helps to bring it all together as well. :)
Abigail, United States of America

Dear Lissa and Reb I'am so sorry for your loss... Your beloved left us with a great gesture. I love her and I didnt know her. It's a great commercial. God bless you.
Dania, Miami

The elderly lady in this commercial is my precious grandmother, who passed away this christmas day at 94 years of age! She is and always was a Lady. She loved doing this commercial
lissa, utah

I love this commercial. I have a grandson just like this one, he opens and closes my car door for me.
Nancy Carter Apolonio, Ogden, Utah

The precious woman you see on this spot is my beloved mother, Ruthie. She passed away one month ago, on Christmas day, 2013. I play this over and over and over just to hear the sound of her voice. She wasn't an "actor" ... the kindness she radiates here was how she lived every moment of her life.
Reb Fleming, Moab, Utah

Good manners are a set of behaviors.
valentina, U.S.A

After seeing this commercial, I had to do fifty laps around a slow moving transport before the adrenalin was swept from my bloodstream!!!
Ardeth Bey, USA

Absolutely Fabulous Commercial. I love how they are bringing the 2 generations together, working as a team. I wish there was more of these!!
Debbie, Largo