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About This TV Commercial

"Taxi" was based loosely on true events witnessed by a member of the FBL staff. It was a snowy night in New York City, and difficult to get a cab. A man and a woman stood, each trying to hail a cab, several feet apart. They didn't notice each other, until the cab pulled up between them. There was a brief argument, but in the end the man let the woman have the cab. The script was developed from the question, "what if one of the characters had acted differently, and shown compassion from the beginning?"

This spot was a challenge to shoot. The director, actors and camera crew can't wait around for it to rain - the rain had to come to them. Rain trucks with large nozzles were used to shower down water in a very large radius in front of the camera. This way, the camera and crew were able to stay dry. But for the actors, it was a very wet scene. The filming of "Taxi" needed several takes, after which the actors would get into dry clothes - and then have to do it all over again. Our main character hailing a cab needed a number of changes of clothing and sessions with a hairdryer to dry himself off -- so he could be ready to get soaked again. It was October, and getting cooler at night but the actors and the spot turned out fine.

Video Transcript

MAN: Taxi!
ANNCR/SUPER: When you can’t do it all, do what you can. Compassion for others, Pass it On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Compassion. Pass It On!

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wow we can all be nice like him
love, yourself!

This reminds me of dad
Bobby Hill, Texas

What a magnificent surprise. My great granddaughter and I delivered our "taxi" in downtown SLC for a commercial shoot. As a youngster she got to see how they made rain, and how the shot commercials...it was such a learning experience for her...for me? I had no idea who the commercial was for or if we would ever see it. Lo and behold these years later to find it and remember a special night for a little girl...I will post with a huge smile.
Jim Platt, Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh, hey, my dad's a taxi driver! *watches video* *finishes watching video* Aaaaaaaw! :D that was cute!
Noah, Louisiana

This one is so sweet and kind I love it!
anabela S., mexico

I think that was the right thing to do if all the people did that it would be great! But standing up and doing the right thing is sometimes right. Do the right thing pass it on!
lilly , callirado

This is the first commercial like this. I was in the hospital having my first baby,and I've loved it ever since and think that everyone should put others first like that. Its a wonderful example of how to treat people.
Heather Mcintire, Hooks Texas

That man is very sweet to let the woman and her daughter have the cab.
Rachel Boettcher, Arizona

that was very nice
lily:], condo

thank you values.com i have a lot of inspirational quotes that I will share to my facebook have a great day more bless
aiza, philippines

i think that man was nice :]
Alexis, mms

This is the first one i saw on tv!!
Adam M., Virginia

For 40 years I worked as an announcer/producer in radio. I enjoyed creating commercials. What a delight it is to see yours, made for the *right* reasons. Bravo!
Larry C., Halifax, Nova Scotia

I truly believe that with just a little compassion from each of us around the world we would have a much better place to live no matter where you live! Just be willing to GIVE and stop expecting to receive.
Keith G., Morristown, NJ

I've seen something like this happen. I live in New York city as well and I was on a Bus and all the seats were occupied buy these high school kids and a woman, who was pregnant, came on to the bus with shopping bags and no one offered to even let her sit so when I saw her standing I got up and offer her my seat. As the woman sat everyone looked around at her then back at me and I didn't care. They needed to see what good manners and kindness is.
Meika, Manhattan, New York

These commercials are so inspirational. If more people followed this advice, our world would become such a better place so quickly.
MarybelV, Orange County, CA

The hard work shines through, this is very well done!
Bev M., Canada

I love the smile the little girl gives the man. It is genuine and the greatest reward he could have asked for.
Donald, Paris

I was watching TV and this ad came on and I was so touched by it that I immediately went to my computer to access the website. My goal is to touch as many lives in a positive manner as possible and the 'theme' of this ad is exactly what our message in my life and Company are!
Bob C., Aspen

I was working on a puzzle and thought about changing the channel but didn't. This commercial came in almost immediately and it actually made my day. Thank you for these gentle and wonderful reminders.
Debbie M, Georgia